Miranda by Grace Livingston HILL

Miranda by Grace Livingston HILL - audiobook
The third book in the Marcia Schuyler/Miranda trilogy, this story focuses on the irrepressible Miranda Griscom. She has repeatedly rejected a wealthy suitor’s proposals of marriage. The townsfolk are puzzled: why would she give up such a chance? But “jest plain, hombly, turn-upnose, freckle-faced, red-haired M’randy Griscom” has a long-secret love for a man who was accused of murder, whose escape she orchestrated. (Summary by TriciaG)

Genre(s): Christian Fiction

Language: English


Production details:

Running Time: 09:15:56
Zip file size: 261MB
Read by: TriciaG
Book Coordinator: TriciaG
Meta Coordinator:  TriciaG
Proof Listener:  Joy M.


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Miranda by Grace Livingston HILL

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