Mad Barbara by Warwick DEEPING

Mad Barbara by Warwick DEEPING
It is the last quarter of the eighteenth century and a young woman discovers the body of her murdered father. In her grief, she tries to make sense of why this sweet man, beloved by all, was struck down and, unlike her mother, is unable to put the incident behind her and return to society. Her lack of interest in romance, the theatre and parties convinces her mother and a family friend that Barbara is sinking into madness. But Barbara is determined to uncover her father’s murderer at any cost. Could the perpetrator have been her childhood friend, a man for whom her feelings are confused? And is Barbara really mad, or does the madness belong to another? This book was also published under the title of These White Hands.( Lynne Thompson)

Genre(s): Crime & Mystery Fiction

Language: English

Production details:

Running Time: 11:28:04
Zip file size: 322MB
Read by: Lynne T
Book Coordinator: Lynne T
Meta Coordinator: Lynne T
Proof Listener:  DaveC

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Mad Barbara by Warwick DEEPING

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